What is MDCAT? [ PMDC New Policies ]

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If you want to become a doctor or dentist in Pakistan, you need to take the MDCAT (Medical & Dental Colleges Admission Test). This test is very important and Mandatory for getting into medical or dental College. This article will tell you all about the MD CAT, why itโ€™s important, and how to do well on it, and everything you need to know to crack this standardized admission test.

what is MDCAT?. Complete guidance related to mdcat written on image

MDCAT Test Pattern

MD CAT is Regulated as per Section 17(2) of PM&DC Act, 2022, this test checks how well you know the subjects you need to study medicine or dentistry. This test examines the candidates’ knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and aptitude for medical and dental studies.

  • The test comprises multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that cover a wide array of subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, and English.
  • It is a three and a half hour (210 minutes) pen and paper-based test.
  • The medium of the question paper is English.
  • Total marks of the Test are 200. Each question carries 1 mark. For each correct response the candidate will get 1 mark
  • There is no negative marking in test.
  • More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as incorrect response and no mark will be given.

Marks Distribution

 The Medical & Dental Colleges Admission Test (MD CAT) contains four subjects.

  • ENGLISH with Logical Reasoning
mdcat marks distribution and percentage distribution among subjects' biology and chemistry and physics and English and logical reasoning

Difficulty Level

The difficulty levels of MD CAT MCQs are predefined and are given below.

Difficulty Level
Cognition level

MDCAT Passing Marks

In the MD&CAT test, all applicants need to achieve a certain score to pass the test and be eligible to apply for medical and dental colleges. Candidates who score below these Marks are not allowed to apply for medical and dental colleges.

  • 55% (110 marks) for Medical College
  • 45% (90 marks) for the Dental College
Complete Guidance related to Passing ratio in MD&CAT and minimum overall aggregate required to apply in Medical (MBBS) and Dental Universities. CLICK HERE

Merit Competition

The merit for MBBS and BDS is usually high, above 90 percent. All candidates should work hard to get high marks in the MD CAT because it accounts for 50 percent of the total aggregate.

Aggregate Formula

Aggregate Formula for MD CAT is contained.

MDCAT50 percent
FSC or Equivalent Marks40 percent
MATRIC or Equivalent Marks10 percent
Total100 percent

To Calculate your aggregate, Click Below ๐Ÿ‘‡

MDCAT Test Pattern

MD&CAT Test Pattern: All students need to know this because PMDC has implemented a lot of new rules for this year. So, click below to read all about the new MD&CAT paper pattern.

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Is MDCAT only mandatory for public institutions?

No, MDCAT is mandatory for both public and private medical and dental institutions in Pakistan.

How often is MDCAT conducted?

MDCAT is usually conducted once a year. The frequency may vary based on official announcements.

Can I use a calculator during MDCAT?

Calculators are not allowed during the test. Candidates are expected to perform calculations manually.

What is the passing score for MDCAT?

The passing score for MDCAT may vary each year based on the test’s difficulty level and other factors. But mostly its ratio is 55% for Medical Colleges and 45% for Dental Colleges

Can I retake MDCAT if I’m not satisfied with my score?

Yes, you can retake MDCAT in subsequent years to improve your score. Only the highest score is considered for admissions.