Mdcat Syllabus & Registration 2023

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The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) has recently released the syllabus for the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) for the year 2023.

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The expected date of starting registration for MDCAT 2023 is mid-July (almost 15 July).

Total Number of MCQs

The MDCAT for the year 2023 will consist of a total of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). These questions will cover a wide range of topics from the designated syllabus.

Duration of MDCAT

Candidates will have 3.5 hours to complete the MDCAT examination. It is essential to manage time effectively to ensure that all questions are attempted within the given timeframe.

Format of MDCAT

The MDCAT for the year 2023 will be conducted in a paper-based format. Candidates will be provided with a question booklet containing the MCQs, and they will be required to select the correct option from the given choices.

Minimum Pass Marks

To qualify for admission to medical colleges, candidates must obtain a minimum of 65% marks in the MDCAT. However, for dental college admissions, the minimum pass marks required are 55%.

Subject Weightage

The PM&DC MDCAT syllabus for 2023 includes the following subjects along with their respective weightage and the number of MCQs:


  • Weightage: 34%
  • Number of MCQs: 68

Biology covers a significant portion of the MDCAT syllabus. It tests students’ understanding of concepts related to the structure, functions, and processes of living organisms.


  • Weightage: 27%
  • Number of MCQs: 54

Chemistry assesses candidates’ knowledge of chemical principles, reactions, and their applications in the field of medicine and dentistry.


  • Weightage: 27%
  • Number of MCQs: 54

Physics evaluates students’ grasp of fundamental principles and their ability to apply them to solve problems in the context of medical and dental sciences


  • Weightage: 9%
  • Number of MCQs: 18

English comprehension and grammar are essential skills for aspiring medical and dental students. This section examines candidates’ proficiency in the English language.

Logical Reasoning

  • Weightage: 3%
  • Number of MCQs: 6
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