MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024

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This MDCAT Merit Calculator is according to new policy of PMDC 2024.

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Are you a student aspiring to join a medical college in Pakistan? Determining your merit for the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MD&CAT) is very important for you. We understand the difficulties students face when manually calculating their aggregate, and that’s why we have developed this automated tool. With our user-friendly calculator, you can effortlessly calculate your MDCAT aggregate score, taking into account your MDCAT marks, FSC marks, and Matric marks.

Mdcat Merit Formula

Matric (or equivalent), Intermediate (or equivalent), and the entry test. The weightage assigned to each component was as follows:

  • Matric (or equivalent): 10%
  • Intermediate (or equivalent): 40%
  • Entry Test: 50%

This formula considered the marks obtained in Matriculation (or equivalent) as a minor factor in the overall merit calculation. The main focus was on the Intermediate (or equivalent) marks, which carried the highest weightage. The entry test marks also played a significant role in determining the final merit score.

Updated Eligibility Criteria for Medical College Admission

  1. Intermediate (or Equivalent) Marks: Candidates must have a minimum of 70% marks in their Intermediate (or equivalent) examinations. This criterion emphasizes the importance of academic excellence and ensures that candidates possess a strong educational foundation.
  2. MCAT Performance: Candidates must have passed the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and obtained a minimum of 60% marks. The MCAT is a standardized test that assesses a candidate’s knowledge and aptitude for medical studies. A satisfactory performance in the MCAT demonstrates the candidate’s readiness for the rigorous curriculum of medical colleges

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